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Chuckingham Palace

A Bellebouche first, longtime blog reader and frequent commenter “Elderly Aunt” is visiting with us at the moment and it only seems fitting to offer up a guest blogger spot! Words and pictures by Pat Pembridge.

I am here in France for my third holiday with Adrian and Joan, so different to my home in Manchester.

I always have a great time and get taken on really good days out.  This last weekend we visited 8 Chateaux and a wonderful garden belonging to a mad artist, something not to be missed.

Monday Joan and I spent pottering in the garden, which I love, and got quite a lot done.  Adrian started on a new project,  read on…….

They needed a new house (Ahem…. palace) for their ever growing brood of chicks.  The master builder set to work (Adrian, not me!!!) and got the construction under way.  Day one, the frames were built and beautifully painted by Joan, I just sat looking on, as visitors do!!!!   having the odd drink and snack provided by Joan, lovely.

Caged Beast

Homage to the Louvre

Day two saw the construction work start in earnest, a really hot day as well, I made sure I had a hat to protect me from the sun while I was lazing around!!   Adrian added chicken wire to the frames then put them all together.

Next came a wire roof panel, then a wooden one for shelter.

Almost finished

The new outdoors chick rearing palace takes shape.

Time for the occupants to try it out.

Dancing Kitteh in the cage

Kitteh tests the new accommadations for her up and coming prey

First came Pompey,  the kitten, who would have liked to have helped with the building but was confined to the house for chicken herding, she is top of the sheep cats!!!

New Occupants

Second batch of chicks are rightfully enthroned.

Finally the rightful owners the 2 week old chicks, they seemed to like it straight away and soon settled in for their first night outside.

A successful project for the erstwhile poultry farmers Adrian and Joan.

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