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March 27th, 2005:

Beetles IV

Another visit upstairs revealed a plague like attack of stink bugs, which seemed to appear from nowhere. Hundreds of them, appeared over night and covered the windows in the upstairs. We are not sure what caused this influx – maybe female beetle pheromones – but we weren’t the only ones inflicted – the neighbours had the same problem. We dispatched  them with nasty chemicals (the beetles not the neighbours!).

We fondly call them stink bugs because if you squash one it emits a foul odour. We think they are related to the shield beetle and don’t seem to do any harm.

More of these stink bugs appeared in summer, making the Christmas tree their meeting place. Each evening, for a fortnight, the sky would be filled with the buzzing noise of hundreds of stink bugs congregating in our tree. They didn’t seem to do anything but just buzz around the branches – to the bats delight. After a fortnight of this, they disappeared.

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