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September, 2005:



If you have seen the Jasper Carrott sketch with regards to moles then you will have some idea of how the pair of us feel about these little black blighters. It all started with just a couple of little humps in the garden, but now it’s like the Swiss Alps. We have tried traps to no avail. The mole just pushes the trap out of his hole, full of soil, and carries on digging. We did catch one, it had been very hot and the ground was baked hard. The mole had been digging tunnels quite close to the surface and you could see all his routes. Adrian spotted a new tunnel and movement below, so he stood on the tunnel at both ends, trapping the mole between his feet. With a trowel and a quick flick of the wrist the mole was deposited into a bucket. Now all we have to do is catch the other half a dozen in the garden!


Due to the fact that we live in a very rural area, it has been no surprise that we would come across the odd mouse, rat, vole or shrew during our short time here. What has really surprised us is the number that one of our well traveled cats catches and keeps bringing in for us. Most are dead, but some are alive and when she gets bored she just lets them go, inside the house. There have been numerous nights, when one of us has had to get up out of bed and catch a little rodent running around our bedroom floor. A fairly conservative estimate on the number she has caught over the year is around 250 little rodents and 1 rat.

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