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April 2nd, 2006:

Water water everywhere

Well, it seems to have rained for the passed 2 weeks – off and on that is. All the fields around are sopping wet and the drainage channels alongside the roads and lanes are full. Our neighbour’s lake is overflowing as are many of the local ponds and lakes. One spectacular lake, Lac du Cebron, is the fullest we have ever seen, and had the sluice gates open with a dramatic burst of water showering down the valley.

During last summer our garden and potager was in desperate need of a good rain cloud burst or two. At the moment part of the potager and compost heap are sat in water. Unfortunately, part of my cut flower bed, is also under water. I think I might have lost most of my gladioli as they are still sat in water. I have bought another 100 bulbs to replace them, I just need to find another part of the garden where I can plant them safe from puddles.

I know that in approximately 3 months time I will be praying for rain for all my plants, but after emptying about the tenth bucket load of water from our vast collection of buckets in the roof, enough is enough. Roll on hot summer days.

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