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April 18th, 2006:

When you’re #1

Number one… on Google!

Sometime recently we seem to have climbed the Google page rankings and this week popped out on top as the number one result when you search for Bellebouche. After registering the website in November 2004 I submitted the address for google indexing and since then we’ve steadily climbed from position 112 to (sometime in the last week) number one.

It’s a teensy bit nerdy but every once in a while I take a look at the server logs of who has been tuning in, where they’re from and just how much our web visitors look at… the answer is… sometimes surprising.

I’m constantly pleased to see just how many readers we get. We’re averaging 800 or so hits a day, and plenty of unique visitors and all staying around to read some of the content. It’s a bit of a reminder that we should continue posting more about what we’re up to. Plenty of things are happening, mostly gardening stuff, but the first of the year’s construction projects gets started soon.

People do seem to come across our pages whilst looking for some cool things though. If you search for something and come here, having followed a link from a search engine, I get to see what you were searching for.

Some ‘highlights’…

road to santiago pilgramage cheap“, “sweetcorn in sewage”, “ryanir“, “ratpoo“, “espalier apple tree“, “france renovation diary” , “summer work in parthenay france“, “pruning overgrown sour cherry trees“, “charente renovation“, “price sluice gates” and “diligence woodburner

So. I have to say.. if you are checking for sweetcorn in sewage you have too much free time on your hands. If you are googling for sweetcorn in sewage as well then it’s time to seek professional help!

Update 20th May 2006 : Oh how the mighty fall!

I spoke to soon, or rather… because I spoke google doth smite me from their records! No sooner than I wrote this post then we vanished from all together but then leapt in to the number one slot on and Fancy that!

It’s all rather a bit of a giggle and I’d can’t profess to understand the whys and wherefores of it all… I’m sure someone, somewhere understands and cares about this kind of thing. Right. Enough nerdspeak… back to the jardin

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