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March, 2007:

A New Opening

We have started to do some major structural work to our house to create the home we can picture in our minds eye. To get the ball rolling, before major major work can be done – we need to create new bedrooms upstairs in the large open space.

The first bedroom we will complete will be our own master bedroom with ensuite bathroom. The only problem was, a huge stone wall between the bedroom and proposed ensuite. Adding further complications, the new ensuite is also on a lower level than the bedroom so it was time to bring in an expert.


Spring has sprung


Spring has arrived at Bellebouche.


And they are off ….

It only seems like a few months ago when I wrote a similar post but looking back it was February 2006. I am a little behind compared to last year but I’m sure it won’t make a difference once the plants are in the potager.

The seedlings that have come up so far are all tomatoes. I haven’t grown as many varieties as last year – only the ones that were really tasty and were great croppers. These are :-


And then they were gone ….

….. into the freezer.

Our 2 pigs were humanely killed on our land and gutted and split in two. We left them in our right hand barn for a day and then got down to the very tiring job of cutting them up into joints.

Adrian will write a more detailed post but needless to say – we now have 2 large freezers full of pork.

If you want to see some piccies then click on more below – some photos might scare the kids !!!


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