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October, 2007:

Sad News

Our new cockerel died during last night.

Over the last few days he had become a real character and a wonderful bird to have around the place. He had started to crow of sorts – almost throat clearing but it was nearly there. It made us smile in the morning when he announced the day like a choir boy who’s voice was starting to drop.

He had settled in well and looked after all the girls in more ways than one and was a pleasure to see thundering around.


Smoked Salmon, Bellebouche Style

Few finer breakfasts exist than a bit of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. We’ve got the home raised eggs sorted… so time for some smoked salmon to accompany!


First Blaze Of The Season

How very satisfying!

Came home to a bright clear Autumn evening. Not a wisp of cloud in the sky and the first hint of a potential frost. After 7 months of sitting idle in the hearth I fired up our woodburner yesterday evening. It’s just glorious!

A glass of red, bit of grilled confit for supper. The octagenarian cat taking up residence impossibly close to the fire and all is well with the world.

I fell asleep infront of it, woke up at 4am.

I am reminded this morning that all the timber I cut over the last year will serve up countless similar evenings over the next couple of years. Heartwarming in more ways than one.

New cock on the block

It’s been a few months since our last cockerel became dearly departed due to bad behaviour and went on his way in a sinewy chewy supper.

Our neighbour Mark very kindly donated one of his newly raised cockerels. So, over he comes in a chicken chariot (wheelbarrow!) and we let him out into the garden. Then the fun begins.


African Sunset ?

This evening I went out in the garden to check that all the birds had gone to bed safely. I had to stop and look twice at the sunset.


The day had been wet but warm and as the sun was setting a mist was rising slowly just above grass level.

It brought back wonderful memories of our time in South Africa. We had sunsets like this every evening. With our guineafowl providing the sound track by chirruping in the background, all that is missing from this scene is a group of impala walking across the horizon.

Wonderful !

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