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January, 2008:


For the past week it has been really cold. The mornings are totally frosty, the sun helps warm things up in the afternoon but as soon as the sun starts to go down, the freeze sets in again. It has got as cold as -5 during the night and as “warm” as 9 to 13 during the day – in the sun. In the shade the hard frost doesn’t leave.


The Penny Has Dropped

After two days being locked in with the girls, the cockerel now has got the plot.


Needs A Little Time

Well, after a night in the coop with the girls – the cockerel still needs a little time to settle in …


New Cock On The Block – Part II

After the tragic saga of the last cockerel, we have got another. The same breed – he is uncannily the spitting image of his predecessor. In more ways than one …


Les Jardins St Laurent – Parthenay (33/50)

Les Jardins St Laurent is a small hotel in the centre of Parthenay. The hotel has 14 themed bedrooms, 2 restaurants and a terrace with swimming pool.


Inter Species Relationships

Our pintards have a new friend. He lives at a neighbour’s property but since his two mates died last year he has been a little lonely.

After trying his luck with a group of geese he started a conversation with our pintards across the hamlet. The quiet of the countryside was broken by the calling and squawking from both sides. Very comical to listen to.

Anyway, a couple of days went by and he took up some courage and came over to visit. The pintards were a little curious but mainly ran away from the stranger from the outside.

Well today, he came over again and really showed them what he’s made of. They were truly impressed and flocked around him as he strutted his stuff. Who is this stranger? …


Restaurant Reviews

We have decided to create a new category on our blog – Restaurant Reviews.

This category will contain our reviews of restaurants we have visited in the locale. There will be 5 specific areas which we will score out of 10, resulting in a total amount out of 50.

The points will be allocated thus :-

1 – Ambiance – Location of the restaurant, facilities, decor and seating comfort.

2 – Food/Wine Selection – a brief outline of what type of food and wine was on offer.

3 – Food Presentation – how well the food was cooked, how it was presented, overall taste.

4 – Staff – Friendliness and attentiveness of all the staff.

5 – Price – Value for money, would we go back or recommend to others.

These will be our own opinions from our own visits.

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