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March, 2008:

At Long Last

It seems to have dragged on forever but at long last its over – SPRING is here.

I heard and saw my first swallow this afternoon and it totally lifted my spirits. The first buds of blossom are erupting on the peach, apple and plum trees.  Daffodils, tulips and crocuses are adding splashes of colour to a rather drab garden at the moment.  There are plenty of weeds  to keep me occupied for a week or so.

Winter seemed to be holding on in a cold vice like grip and wasn’t letting go.  We have had rain, hail, winds and frosts over the last few months but now sunshine, blue skies and “sundowners” are all a step closer.

I have tiny tomato seedlings growing on the windowsill and my courgette seeds have just erupted with signs of green peeking through the soil.  It won’t be long before we are enjoying a bumper harvest of fresh produce.


Crayon Physics

I rarely write up slices of my geek-life, but for this I’ll make an exception.

Download the small preview application here

After a delightful Easter* with my nephews (“almost six” and “four and a bit”) they all of a sudden were constructing things and thinking about dynamics, balance, inertia, gravity, acceleration.

Thinking back (“36 and a half years”)… If I’d have seen this at that age what might I have made of it?

I suspect it might have been a portal to a whole new world. Full marks to Petri Purho and your “Crayon Physics” application.

– Adrian

* a Couple of days enforced residence spent in the UK due to an unfortunate confluence of passport and sixty degree jeans wash!

Auberge Bel ‘Air – Champbretaud (24/50)

We were exploring the area, trying to locate a windmill which had a restaurant nearby that had been recommended to us. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the windmill – until after we had eaten here – so missed out on what I would assume was a much better meal!!


Creperie D’Antan – Nantes (26/50)

After having a rather bland meal previously in Nantes we decided to go for a quick meal in one of the many creperies in the restaurant quarter.


Wood Pile

In November 2006 we had a kind offer, from a friend, for a mountain of wood for burning in our woodburner. One catch – the wood had to be chopped first. The trees had already been felled, but were now dumped in 6 or more huge stacks across our friend’s land.


L’Oasis – Parthenay (34/50)

This is a Tunisian restaurant in the heart of Parthenay. We arrived around 8.30pm and managed to get the last table without a reservation. A few other groups of people were turned away during the night. The whole place was bustling and had a vibrancy about it.


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