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April, 2008:

Sad News

Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed the number of eggs produced by the chickens has decreased. At first I thought the chickens had worms but before I had a chance to give them some medication I found broken eggs shells in the centre barn.

Hrmm …


Our Second Asparagus Harvest

After a few glorious days of sunshine the weather has changed to cold winds and scattered heavy showers.

During a break in the rain I took the opportunity to go and harvest our first asparagus spears of 2008.

1st Asparagus Harvest

Some had grown quite long and were just going over, while others were just showing their first new fresh growth through the soil. There were some long very fine spears and others which were like short stumpy thumbs.

After cleaning and chopping off the woody bits from the older spears, I made a delicious asparagus soup. The whole house was perfumed with the smell of fresh asparagus.

Spears of Asparagus

The younger spears I will steam tonight, smother them in melting butter with a twist of black pepper.

Delicious – although it does bring to mind a certain fountain scene from Austin Powers !!!

Our First BBQ of 2008

Well this weekend was the warmest it has been all year – around 21 degrees.

After a hot morning working in the garden and another 2 hours spent cleaning the bbq, which had been sat in the garage all winter. The bbq was stoked up and a dozen sardine fillets cooked for lunch with a plate of crisp salad. Now, what to drink with them.

Of course, a bottle of white wine.

Happy days ahead !!!

Marbled Newt

This little fellow was basking in the sun on our doorstep this morning.
Tiny Lizard

At first I thought it was a lizard but after researching on the internet and coming up with a blank, I posted a photo onto a french forum. A few hours later and one helpful member (Steve01) informed me it is a marbled newt.

He must have overwintered in a hole by the front door and was waiting for the sun to hit the doorstep when I stuck a camera up his nose !!

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