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July, 2008:

ChuckyHilton, a Mondrian symphony.

Sketchup gave us the idea that proportionally it’d all work out and being able to knock it up in 3D in the space of about 90 seconds is a real wheeze. Here’s the concept model, version 0.1

concept coop

Time to turn that idea into reality


End frames first. Lots of right angles here and they’d all be all a little more “right” if i could find my set-square! Note to self… must tidy up my tools!


A bit of Buzz-sawing later and the cladding starts to go on, with some nifty detailing around the chicken escape hatch that is this end panel. In true craftsman style I’ve blind nailed the tongue and groove so the finish looks… like a scandinavian steam room!

end panel

Other end panel gets built with a nest box using up some leftover flooring from an old repair project last year. Nothing goes to waste! Please note impatient/impetuous poultry checking out the new digs and acting as faithful guardian of raw materials. Rather foolishly this construction puts the all important sunbeds out of action until it gets done. That’s motivation in action!

nest box

That panel is now clad.

Tune in soon for…

  • Part Three. When the Front and Back get made. Includes daring details like doors and windows!
  • Part Four. Roof. Floor… and sticking it all together. Hard bits!
  • Part Five. Topping out ceremony and inaugural chicken homing.

Someone’s knocking at the door

After a successful day in the garden I wandered back up to the house when I spotted this fellow at the door …

Golden Nuggets

Having had a glut of courgettes over previous summers, I decided that it would be fun to try something slightly different …


ChuckyHilton, part the first.

We’ve let our chickens/guinea fowl free range in the gardens and outbuildings for a couple of years now and they’ve long been self reliant but it’s time to upgrade their living accomodation. Chicken housing became front page news when one of ours (the favourite, naturally) had it’s head chomped off by a martin a few months ago.


Metasequoia glyptostroboides

I beg your pardon?!


Things I wished I’d googled before I put them in my mouth.


Chateau Goulaine

I have visited Chateau Goulaine before, although all I could get to see was the impressive gatehouse – they were closed!

Chateau Goulaine Gate House

This time I made sure they would be open before making the journey through the muscadet vineyards and wildlife rich marshlands before arriving outside this charming chateau.

St Laurent sur Sevre

We have passed by this town on many occasions and always remarked that one day we should visit.  The reason being that the town nestles in a valley on both sides of the Sevre Nantaise and from the road you can see a multitude of impressive spires and steeples all grouped together.


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