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November, 2008:

Hot Shot

Over the last few years, here in France, I have met some interesting and charming female ex pats.  A group of us “ladies” meet once a month to catch up on all the news and gossip and offer advice and help where needed. It is an excuse to get away from the day to day running of a French farmhouse and let my hair down.

During these monthly meetings suggestions are made on places to visit or activities to try. These have been as diverse as stained glass window making, archery, crystal healing as well as trips to local sites of interest.

Just recently, a partner of one of the ladies suggested we go to the local gun club and have a go at rifle shooting.

I love this type of activity so got my name down straight away. We all went early this year to have a look around the club – a huge warehouse/hanger on the edge of an industrial estate. We had a couple of shooting touraments and competitions in the 10 metre rifle range.

I didn’t do too well, I blame the gun as it had an unusual way of loading the pellets which eventually deadened my arm.

Well this time – different story.  I used a standard air rifle.  We were again on the 10 metre range.  There were about 15 of us and we started off by just getting used to the guns and shooting at a target with 20 pellets.  Then the real fun started.

Now, I can be very competitive and if I enjoy an activity, I will try to be the best.

We started with 4 paper targets each.  We had 5 shots per target and at the end of the competition, the totals were added up.

Silver Medal

I scored 180 and came second after the winning score of 183.  I was awarded with a silver medal. You can see above my 4 targets and the medal.

The next tournament was an elimination round.  First we had to shoot 6 or higher, with just one pellet.  If you got less then you were eliminated.  Then 7 or higher up to 10 (bulls eye).

Gold Medal

Well the photo says it all – GOLD !!!

Damn fine cherry pie

We’re blessed with three large mature cherry trees and in years gone by we’ve had an embarrasment of riches when it comes to cherry harvest time.

Not this year though. Complete Rubbish. It’s a very good job we’re not dependent on a single crop for a living… we’d be SUNK.

However, foresight is forearmed. Home bottling of surplus crops is E.P.L.S. Easy peasey, lemon squeezy. Time to break out a jar of preserved cherries. I’d ‘poached’ a few kg in 2006 in a ‘light syrup’. The majority of the flavour is in the stone in a cherry so what was left was mostly ‘ok’ cherry flavoured, when I’d popped the jar. Time to make Agent Coopers favourite.

Sweetcrust all butter pastry. Blind baked. Lined the bottom with a little sprinkle of Polenta to suck up any juicy pie goodness. A layer of finely sliced apple and then a jar full of cherries. Sprinkle of extra sugar. Slap a lid on. Glaze. Bake.


Damn Fine Pie. Bellebouche Style

I can’t really expand on this too much, because basically, you had to be there. A blob of Créme pour moi. A scoop of Madagascan Vanilla ice cream for Mrs Fod. Serve with steaming hot Ethiopian fresh ground café. Damn Fine.
For teh W1N!

Living off grid.

Well, if only for 7 hours. My first full ‘work at home’ day in two years and what happens?

7:15 am. Powercut.

Ipod Battery dies within 2 hrs. How cruel.

Laptop lasts another two.

Turn to my hapless cellphone. Battery Dead.

I’m reminded that I have an APS UPS some place. Must put that on charge.

No power=No phone.

No power=No ADSL.

No power=No Charging laptops.

No power=No ability to have a morning cuppa. Eat a warm lunch or do anything.

In case of emergency, man must make fire.

Our woodburner saves the day Fire=heat. Heat = Hot Water. Hot Water=Coffee + Bacon and Lentil Soup. The Day is saved!

Just about the same time a pan of bacon and lentil soup came to be ready… the power comes on and I’m plunged back into the ‘normal’ world. Shoite!

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