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July, 2009:


Get a request from our neighbour, can I come over and photograph one of his horses?

Sure, no problem… how hard can it be!?!¬†Harder than I thought.


It could be a long night…

A little ahead of schedule but…

22:00 I noticed 2 chicks had ‘pipped’ their shells.

So, with any luck – we’re on our way to having a few new chicks. Eggciting!


Splish-splash, pant-pant

The annual Triathlon de Deux-Sevres weekend has just been and gone with an assortment of race events centred on the Base de Loisiers in Parthenay. (more…)

The final frontier

A couple of lovely evenings this weekend sat out trying to catch the ISS + STS127 flying overhead. One near-miss, one partial hit. Either way the weather has been glorious and perfect for BBQs.

ISS Hunting 24.7.09

Searching for spacecraft

Failed that night, did better the next. I did marginally better than my last attempt but getting the right shot is proving tricky. Practice makes perfect and all that!

All that glitters…

Briefly, in arts news. I have this photo..


Shimmering Barley

.. in the mix for submission in a piece at the Tate Gallery, Liverpool. All part of this exhibition.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

… I had one of the most memorable foodie evenings of my life in Milan. I’d flown into Malpensa earlier that year in the summer and we’d rented a hilariously suicidal old-school punto and had a fine old time in Milan, The Lakes, Verona, Venice and Turin. This time I’d driven down from Liverpool and was having far, far less fun on the road – this was the tail end of a two week trip away from home and I was fed up.

Hatching a plan

We’ve previously¬†tried a home-made incubator, it kind of half worked after being hurriedly cobbled together after the demise of our first cockerel… but there’s a zillion reasons why it didn’t. Fine temperature control, manual egg rotation, humidity control, ventilation… all wrong.


There’s a storm a brewin’

Picture highlight this week was on Wednesday afternoon when a glimpse out of the window told a right old tale – storm clouds brewing.

grey cloud on a sunny day

Boiling clouds about an hour before the storm

… and true to form it wasn’t long before the rain came thrashing down. ¬†More skystuff on flickr

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