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April, 2011:

A Welcome Return Visitor

After our little sojourn in South Africa we have both become quite a pair of  twitchers.  One of the delights of Spring after a long cold winter is the arrival of the summer visitors.  This year the first to arrive was the Hoopoe, followed by the Cuckoo and then the Swallows.

My heart soars when I hear the wonderful songs of these birds for the first time in the year.  I know that the better weather is arriving and summer barbecues are on the horizon.

When we first arrived at Bellebouche our first sighting of the hoopoe was down the lane.  A pair were nesting and we would catch a glimpse of them occasionally and  hear their calls frequently.  Over the years they, and their progeny, have moved closer and closer until …


One morning, while Adrian was making toast,  this little fellow flew to the window and looked in.  Adrian ran and grabbed his camera and took some photos before he disappeared.


As I sat in the kitchen he returned back and seemed to be chasing a fly on the window.  The fly was on the inside but the hoopoe wouldn’t give up …


After a good 10 minutes he then flew off, only to return a few days later to tap on the window again.  We now have a pair , who visit nearly every day and sit on the barns opposite or patrol our lawns.

I can’t wait to see their young and hope they bring them to our garden to show them off !

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