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June, 2011:

St Loup Sur Thouet – Painting & Sculpture Festival 2011

This weekend was the 16 ème Festival de Peinture et de Sculpture 2011 de Saint Loup Sur Thouet.

Once again (typical French advertising) I stumbled across this, almost too late.

The Festival is held over a weekend and unlike last year where it rained all weekend, this year it was scorchio – 35 degrees!

2011 sculpture theme

The theme for the sculptures was “Sculptures Over Water”.

Not so many artistes  alongside the river this year creating their works …  but still some impressive art being produced.

sea monster

Many more painters than previous years, dotted all around the town painting their own views of life.

Mr Artiste

My favourite piece of all was a large wooden sculpture standing over a metre high.  I wanted to be naughty and touch it as it screamed to be handled and fondled.

Wooden Sculpture

The artist Jean Deletre always produces stunning works and one in particular caught my eye.  I was very tempted but with a price tag of 900 euros I thought I had better wait until the Euromillions ticket had been checked.

Oh well – there’s always next year !


Today’s colour is BLUE !

Just picked our first crop off our early blueberry bush.  200g doesn’t sound a lot but I have been grazing on the bush every time I visit our potager and there are plenty of fruits left on, waiting for a little more sunshine!

Blue Berries

A few years ago, I was given three blueberry bushes as a birthday gift off my parents – early, mid and late summer varieties.  We built 3 raised beds full of acidic soil  and planted the blueberries along with a goji  berry and lingonberry.  This year the blueberries are totally coming into their own.

Unfortunately the lingonberry didn’t survive – I think it was just too exposed for it and the goji berry is trying to take over the garden – it will need a major hacking back this autumn to contain it!

The mid and late summer blueberry bushes are heavy with unripe fruit, although a few of the berries on the mid variety are starting to change colour!

mmmm I see blueberry muffins and pancakes with blueberry sauce on the menu at Chez Bellebouche !

1001 Scenes

It has been a couple of years since we visited the 1001 scenes festival at Oiron.


When it first started in 1989 there were 200 musicians and dancers – 22 years later and there are over 1,500 artistes performing in 15 different areas around the chateau.

We saw some spectacular dancers, heard some unbelievable music and got wet …


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