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July, 2011:


Our summer hols this year took an unusual twist, a visit to a music festival in the North of France.


Slight travel hiccup saw me miss a flight from London so I had to hop on the Eurostar to Paris. A complete contrast to my last train outing which took me 9 hours in a queue at -3 degrees and then 5 hours to get to Paris.


Rocked up at St. Pancras at 14:40, was in France by 4pm and a bar in Montparnasse a little later.


An overnight stop in Tours after another TGV hop for a rendezvous with Joan. Next day and we reached Arras in good time to arrive at the campsite


Now, music. I’ve been to countless gigs in the UK over the years – have kind of fallen out of the habit since we’ve been in France. Professional opportunities in the UK give me an avenue to go to concerts there and I’ve rekindled my gig-habit a little over the last few years. Music festivals have always been something I’ve shied away from for many reasons but the lineup at the 2011 Main Square festival was simply astonishing. If we didn’t go to this one then we were never going to go to one ever – just getting a little too old for it I suspect.

ScreenHunter_02 Jul. 17 12.25


We struck camp not long after the campsite opened – another first for us, camping. It was fun, the concerts we saw were almost all superb.





Portishead 2


Beer goggles, French style

Full gallery and slideshow from the weekend is here



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