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October, 2013:

A Year of Fancy Dress – Part III

Just before our Versailles Trip – I was on my way to buy a couple of vintage bikes, for an up and coming event, when I had the misfortune of being involved in a car accident.  Luckily no-one involved was badly hurt but it did leave both cars written off.  This resulted in me driving a small hire car which meant that I couldn’t pick up any bikes.  With the help of some wonderful friends, they took me in their car,  trailer in tow, we headed off for the Emmaus in Cholet.

There I found plenty of old bicycles, I chose two likely suspects and returned back home with the bikes in tow.  That was the beginning …


A Year of Fancy Dress (Part II)

What could possibly follow the success of the Prohibition Party ….



A Year of Fancy Dress (Part I)

2012 was the year of the music festivals – Main Square, Cognac, Melle etc etc.

This year, 2013, has so far … and will be … the year of masquerades and disguises – involving – hats, gowns, breeches, masks, wigs, waistcoats, polka dots, spats, bow ties and much much more ! (more…)


So, a little spell offline over a busy summer and something nefarious broke the blog. Or, more specifically something in the underlying SQL. A few hours polish and it’s fixed. Apologies for the disruption.


plenty of updates in the pipeline including….

A complete re-roof of all of the outbuildings. STRESSFUL!

A visit to a Masked Ball at the Versailles Chateau

Some Special Visitors for the summer 2013 season

A Vintage bike-ride along the Loire

And so on.



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