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Return on investment

I wrote, back in February that I’d been doing a small spell of gardening. I was lucky to pick what was perhaps one of the few reasonable days in an otherwise interminably long hard winter to get out and plant a few bulbs. Spring bulbs should have gone in before xmas but that just wasn’t happening… and besides which.. I bought the bulbs in the January sale – €7, Result!

So, three hundred tulip bulbs later, a few short weeks, a touch of sunshine, a splash of rain and we’re in business!



The house has been filled with cut flowers for a couple of weeks now. Daffs arrive on the tail end of the cold winter but right now the Tulip crop is just about peaking and heralding a proper warm spring.

Bunches and bunches brought up today from the garden. Fresh flowers in every room and a couple of bundles of extras to take round to our neighbours.


Pootling around down at that end of the garden and I noticed that the very first of this years asparagus spears popping through. Putting them in a few years ago was a bit of a slog but now the investment is all set to pay off once more, as per 2008 and 2009. Ker-ching!

Still to come in the cut flowers department… Gladioli, Lillies, Crocus, Freesias. I think back to life in the UK where I must have coughed up a tenner a week to have a glimpse of colour flown in from halfway across the globe. No more.

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  1. Llikewise…..I also forgot … or to be truthful put off plantig bulbs on account of the weather… and planted them in early February … and the grape hyacinths and tuiips are magnificent but I think I planted what were dwarf daffodils/narcissus too deep. I can smell yours. Lovely photographs.