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Festival Of Games – 2012

Every year we make sure that we spend a day at the Festival Ludique International de Parthenay, or Flip.   This year the weather has not been too kind but we managed to visit for an afternoon of sunshine with the odd shower.

Flip 2012

Each year, over the fortnight, it draws thousands of people – young and old – into the town of Parthenay, to enjoy and partake in game playing.  I have blogged this festival before in 2006 and not much has changed since then.

lost in thought

Father and daughter (?) playing a board game in the streets.  It is so lovely to see all generations of people just stopping their day to day rush and spending time playing and being with each other.

Games Festival 2012

Over the years we have had a go at some of the circus school games but this year we decided to just sit back, with a Belgian beer, and watch the children doing it with ease and laughter.

Games Festival 2012

When the rain did come, it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.  Numerous marquees around the town were filled with people hiding from the rain – but – still playing games!  The rain passed quickly and everyone poured back out into the streets again.

Games festival - 2012

Inside the Palais du Congress were all the video games and interactive games for young and old alike.  It was funny to watch young girls playing a dance game, holding handsets to record their moves and scoring points for every correct move they copied from the animated dancers.  They did it so seriously.

Games festival 2012

All the young boys were on the racing car and shoot-em up games.  If not shooting or racing, other males were on the 1st floor of the building partaking in the Rubiks cube tournament.  Some were so good they weren’t even looking at the cube while they completed it and others only used one hand.  I personally have never been able to do a rubiks cube without taking it apart!

Flip 2012

Face painting was very popular this year. It seemed to be, wherever you looked, children and adults alike were painted with patterns and bright vivid colours.

And the new hit game of the year – there didn’t seem to be one – unlike one previous year where everyone was playing Blokus.  We played it too and loved it so much we bought it.

Trends for 2012 – well – you can’t escape them – only a head shot will do …

Flip 2012

Zombies !!

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