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A Year Of Fancy Dress (Part IV)

Another fancy dress party?  No, this is something a little different again !

It all started after the 1920s party in London.  During the evening a young man danced with a group of girls – he swung them out, twirled them and had some truly awesome moves on the dance floor.  A group of onlookers stood around with open mouths – wanting to be that man.

A few days later, Adrian did some research and found out what kind of moves this man had been dancing – Lindy Hop.  More research and Adrian found some classes in Northampton and started to go with a friend from work.

Fast forward to August and a few flyers at his dance class advertised a dance festival weekend.

Twinwood Festival in Bedforshire is a week-end full of vintage events including bands, dancers, air displays, dance classes, shops and much more.  The festival is held on the Twinwood  Airfield which incorporates the Twinwood Arena and Glenn Miller Museum.

Big Bands

There is a giant campsite on site just for the festival but as we were a group of 3, had many outfits, hair and make-up to do over the weekend etc, we wimped out and booked a hotel close by.


The site is so large that they had a free bus shuttle that took you from the gates to the actual festival at the arena.  There were quite a few people attending the festival staying at our hotel.  The breakfast dining room was full of beautifully dressed couples and their amazing cars waiting to take them, parked outside.

Classic Cars

It was like stepping back in time – everyone had made an effort and looked gorgeous in their vintage outfits.

Twinwood 2013

All around the site were places where you could dance – a large dance floor in front of the arena stage was full of twirling and swinging couples – all laughing and smiling and enjoying the atmosphere and music.


For those with no dance experience there were dozens of free dance classes – I took advantage of a few of these.  Beginners Lindy Hop  and  Shim Sham – Adrian and Dawn attended the advanced classes and also tried their hand (or should that be feet?) at Foxtrot and Balboa.


There were plenty of stalls selling vintage items, wonderful vintage clothes, books, music etc etc.  Other stalls offering vintage hairstyles, make-up and even a vintage barber for a cut throat shave !

Twinwood 2013

There were various bands and groups to watch around the site – The Colonial Club was a favourite – tea and cake and music and dance – what more could you ask for.

Twinwood 2013

It all went on into the early hours with  burlesque and  belly dancing and a couple of air raid shelters were transformed into intimate night clubs.

Night Club

Such a wonderful weekend – smiles, laughter and dancing – everyone enjoying themselves, dressed stylishly and all  from a bygone age !

Twinwood 2013

As the time machine hasn’t been invented yet – this is the next best thing !


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