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Birds of Bellebouche

Funny how these things creep up on you. We’ve never been actively conscious of being specific birdwatching fans it’s just that… since we moved to France and started spending the majority of our time outdoors… you start to notice more and more of what’s going on around you. Getting in touch with the pace of the seasons, working in the garden, growing fruit and veg, raising our own animals… etc. etc Before you know it… you’re taking an active interest in the fauna and we’ve seen such a lot. Only when I wrote it down did I realise just how many species we’d seen in or around our own garden – it’s quite remarkable. The tally slowly rising all the while when we spot something new. This page started out as a notepad list – I’ll add more info as and when we see it, photographs where I can and a link to a blog entry if we see something particularly rare/unusual.

Wild Birds  spotted at Bellebouche

(English – French – Latin)

African Hoopoe – Huppe Fasciee – Upupa Epops

Visitor from foreign shores

Barn Owl – Effraie des Clochers – Tyto Alba

Blackbird – Merle Noi – Turdus Merula

Black Redstart – Rougequeue Noir – Phoenicurus Ochruros

Blackcap – Fauvette a Tete Noire – Sylvia Atricapilla

Blue Tit  – Mesange Bleue – Parus Caeruleus

Buzzard – Buse Variable – Buteo Buteo
Buzzards circled over head and it wasn't even lunchtime
Carrion Crow – Corneille Noire – Corvus Corone

Cattle Egret – Héron Garde-Boufs – Bubulcus ibis

Chaffinch – Pinson des Arbes – Fringilla Coelebs

Chiff Chaff – Pouillot Veloce – Phylloscopus Collybita

Cirl Buntin – Bruant Zizi – Emberiza Cirius

Collared Dove – Tourterelle Turque – Streptopelia Decaocto

Cormorant – Grand Cormoran – Phalacrocorax Carbo

Crane – Grus Cendree – Grus Grus
Cuckoo – Coucou Gris – Cuculus Canorus

Dunnock – Accenteur Mouchet – Prunella Modularis

Eurasian Golden Oriole – Loriot d’Europe – Oriolus Oriolus

European Jay – Geai des Chenes – Garrulus Glandarius

Golden Plover – Pluvier Dore – Pluvialis Apricaria

Goldfinch – Chardonneret Elegant – Carduelis Carduelis

Goldfinches in our garden

Goldfinch shot through glass II
Great White Egret – Grande Aigrette – Casmerodius Albus

Huge white fly by

Great White Egret / Grande Aigrette
Great Tit – Mesange Charbonniere – Parus Major
Green Woodpecker – Pic Vert – Picus Viridis

Grey Heron – Heron Cendre – Ardea Cinerea
Grey Partridge – Perdrix Grise – Perdix Perdix

Grey Wagtail – Bergeronnette Printaniere – Motacilla Cinerea

Hen Harrier – Busard Saint-Martin – Circus Cyaneus

House Sparrow – Moineau Domestique – Passer Domesticus

Kestrel – Faucon Crecerelle – Falco Tinnunculus

Kingfisher – Martin-pecheur d’Europe – Alcedo Atthis

Lapwing – Vanneau Huppe – Vanellus Vanellus

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker – Pic Epeichette – Dendrocopus Minor

Little Owl – Cheveche d’Athena – Athene Noctua

Calling International Rescue

little owl
Long Tail Tit – Mesange a Longue Queue – Aegithalos Caudatus

Magpie – Pie Bavarde – Pica Pica

Mallard – Canard Colvert – Anas Platyrhynchos

Moorhen – Gallinule Poule-d’Eau – Gallinula Chloropus

Muscovy Duck – Canard musqué – Cairina moschata

Muscovy duck in the paddock

Nightingale – Rossignol Philomele – Luscinia Megarhynchos

Nuthatch – Sittelle Torchepot – Sitta Europaea

Pheasant – Faisan Commun – Phasianus Colchicus

Pied Wagtail – Bergeronnette Grise – Motacilla Alba

Red Kite – Milan Royal – Milvus Milvus

21/10/09. Sitting watching an episode of House whilst having a bowl of vegetable stew! Bird flew low overhead, circling  and eyeballing the chicks in the garden (5x in a day-cage, 5x adolescents free ranging the garden.) We quickly ushered the chicks into safe cover. Notable flayed flight feathers at the end of wing, large forked tail, lighter underneath and about the same size as a common buzzard. Exciting! Had a camera on hand but no chance to photograph the bird.

Red Legged Partridge – Perdrix Rouge – Alectoris Rufa

Robin – Rougegorge Familier – Erithacus Rubecula

Serin – Serin Cini – Serinus Serinus

Siskin – Tarin des Aulnes – Carduelis Spinus

Song Thrush – Grive Musicienne – TurdusPhilomelos

Spotted Flycatcher – Gobemouche Gris – Muscicapa Striata

Starling – Etourneau Sansonnet – Sturnus Vulgaris

Swallow – Hirondelle Rustique – Hirundo Rustica

Tawny Owl – Chouette Hulotte – Strix Aluco

Tree Creeper – Grimpereau des Bois – Certhia Familiaris

Tree Sparrow – Moineau Friquet – Passer Montanus

Turtle Dove – Tourterelle des Bois – Streptopelia Turtur

Wood Pigeon – Pigeon Ramier – Columba Palumbus

Wren – Troglodyte Mignon – Troglodytes Troglodytes

Yellow Wagtail – Bergeronnette Printaniere – Motacilla Flava

Suspected Sightings – Things we think we might have seen (but can’t be certain)

Rook – Corbeau Freux – Corvus Frugilegus

Canadian Goose – Bernache du Canada – Branta Canadensis

Nightjar – Engoulevent d’Europe – Caprimulgus Europaeus

Domestic Birds spotted at Bellebouche

Chickens (lots)

Egyptian Goose

Mandarin Duck


Toulouse Goose

Various bird sightings around France

Crested Tit – Mesange Huppee – Parus Cristatus

Dunlin – Becasseau Variable – Calidris Alpina

Great Crested Grebe – Grebe Huppe – Podiceps Cristatus

Osprey – Balbuzard Pecheur – Pandion Haliaetus

Osprey sighting blogged

Quail – Caille des Bles – Coturnix Coturnix


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