Hrmmm.. Soft Fruit!


We knew we had a bit of a handful when it came to the Orchard.. but we weren't quite sure just what we were dealing with.. as the spring progressed and the blossom arrived it was clear that we had a *lot* of mature fruit trees.


The exact specifics of what we have (three cherries, three pears, two plums, apple, millions of peaches, walnut, hazelnuts, quince) are covered in the cultivation diary but some rework has also taken place in the orchard as we'd decided to dig out some borders for salads, chillis, tomatoes etc.


Aside from the creation of the new beds we'd removed an old washing line and dug up a significant quantity of broken glass! During the excavation process we found a handful of freebies - some strawberries and rhubarb which we promptly transplanted.